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Feb 15, 2013 1:30pm PST
outside of the system or sometimes the homeless system is not meeting their needs so one of the things we did was partner with supervisor zane kim, the coalition on homeless and other groups and we had a shelter access workgroup. five nights at week people line up at glide for a handful of beds that are distributed at seven in the morning and we have a line based system and not ebility seablght to people with disabilities and many lost a job because they had to get in line to a bed or go to work. supervisor kim secured -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt. everything you're telling us is extremely important but you're speaking a little faster than the captioner can keep pace with. >> i'm sorry . that's my new york upbringing. well, if i don't -- generally i'm respective. i didn't see a timer there so i will sloaz down if that is okay. supervisor kim authored this and i think it's powerful because our office met with the coalition and met with advocacy groups and with city departments and we added a million dollars to the shelter system. this was the first time in years the mayor didn't su
Feb 19, 2013 8:00pm PST
. homeless families. last thursday i joined the many volunteers and like mayor newsom before me, i'm simply not satisfied with our progress. over the last 10 years residents have left the streets for permanent housing and services. and over the last seven years through our homeward bound program we have reunited several people to go in their home communities. last year there were no cuts to human health services and i was proud to get funding for other home services but but this is about better reform and innovation. last year, i invited former serious to work with our outstanding human services director and other to apply his bold ideas to homelessness and he's jumped in feetfirst. we now have everyday connect to provide a year around benefits of services. we have online portals so that no people goes hungry so long as they're on our streets. we are going to build a new 1 hundred bed facilities here in the bay area. and under a federal lifeline program a program that this supervisor has add vatd for many homeless people will receive cell phones so they can get back to their case works. sig
Comedy Central
Feb 21, 2013 1:00am PST
this works. hope to - ♪ california love fonia ♪ ♪ california ♪ is nice to the homeless ♪is nice ♪ california ♪ ♪ super cool to the homeless ♪ to ♪ in the city in the ♪ city of santa monica sant ♪ lots of rich people ich e ♪ giving change to the homeless ♪omeless - change?c - ♪ in the city - ♪ city of brentwood - ♪ in the city ♪ they take really good care ♪ ♪ of all their homeless ir - they're listening! let's go! ♪ - ♪ in the city ity ♪ - ♪ marina del rey ♪ they're so nice to the homeless ♪meless ♪ build 'em porta-potties - they're--they're leading them away!they' - we're gonna be all right! we'r - ♪ california ♪ ♪ super cool to the homeless ♪ - ♪ california an ♪ a orn ne ♪ in the city ♪ city of venice ♪ right by matt's house ous♪ ♪ you can chill if you're homeless ♪ou'rhm ♪ - ugh! - yes! that's three homeless!e hol suck on that! that ! [bleep], yeah! - honestly, i don't know what you see in this, kyle.eawhy captioning by captionmax www.captionmax.comtral from comedy central's world news headquarters in new york, this is
Feb 16, 2013 3:30am PST
of the homeless people they recycle and some people don't clean up after themselves. they leave big messes and i think us being in rv's we try to contain our habitation. we have our bathroom for sanitation reasons. there is no really -- you know what? this is an idea for you guys to have more bathrooms or like out houses in some areas -- >> thank you. >> for sanitary reasons -- >> thank you. >> because a lot of the businesses won't allow to you walk in. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> [inaudible] >> thank you. thank you. >> hello. my name is isaac and i just have a couple of things that are on my mind. i was just wondering why -- okay. so the city is trying to fix the homeless issue, trying to improve the homeless shelters, and the overall aspect of the homeless, so my thing is why would the city try to push people out of their homes to make it worse because if we're trying to fix one thing it's another thing, and this doesn't make any sense because there is already overflow in the shelter system and this would make it worse so i think you guys should try to fix the shelter system b
Feb 26, 2013 1:00am PST
that are impacting neighbors and the community, but unquestionably because of homelessness in san francisco there are people that reside in their vehicles and have the opportunity to work with families living in their vehicles and others and i know the coalition and individuals that are impacted are here and i am interested in hearing their perspective going forward. some information i want to share our city's homeless count was done and we had 500 individuals dispersed in the city that were involved and identify vehicles that people were living on. imon of them were knocked on. nobody flashed a flashlight but to identify those vehicles. that data is verified by a third party so it's carefully reviewed so we will not have that until the 20 of march -- >> excuse me. i have a question. who is verifying the data? >> it's a third party contractor and megan owens from the board is responsible it and they have a haven'tor working with them and these numbers are important and they have an impact on the resources that we get and it's actually a federal requirement to do the homeless count once ev
Feb 2, 2013 5:30pm PST
housing for individuals who were formerly homeless. but as you start to look at the categories, a lower income and middle income folks, we're not building for that need at all. i think we need to do more to make sure we are supporting that type of housing. one initiative i started working on was a student teacher housing which is directly in that income, essential employee housing. we will be releasing an rfp, which is really exciting, because we want to keep people engaged. we have to push for more. need to pass another affordable housing bond. it has come up two more times, and i hope we have the political will to support that again. >> what are your ideas about dealing with the issue of homelessness? supervisor kim: homelessness is a tough issue. we have amazing organizations that run incredible centers and services, and also supports the board of housing for the formerly homeless. not just providing housing, but safe housing and services -- whether it is job training for drug rehab or mental health. there are two categories of homelessness. this is on the end of been able to afford
Feb 5, 2013 4:00pm PST
about people on tour trying to find help for homeless kids. who does that anymore? we found the people and we're going to talk to them when we come back p.m. >> it's hard, i might have to go to the a homeless shelter and i don't want to go. >> i'm like why? and he said i can't explain it to you right now. while your carpets may appear clean. it's scary how much dirt your vacuum can leave behind. add resolve deep clean powder before you vacuum to expel the dirt within your carpets. resolve's deep clean powder is moist. absorbing and lifting three times more dirt than vacuuming alone. leaving you with a carpet that's truly fresh and clean. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. when you consider the greatest minds of all-time, each of them started as a child a one point with nothing more than a pencil and a piece of paper. my name is adam braun. i'm the founder and ceo of pencils of promise. you look at some of the most amazing monuments and buildings and inventions, when they are distilled down to where they began, their actual true core, it was just as a pencil sketch. educati
Feb 14, 2013 7:00pm PST
't really see themselves as homeless so my operating hypothesis on this new outreach it wouldn't be necessarily productive that most people would get the flier and i will get my four wheels going and roll. the under part of the hypothesis was to think about who would be most likely to respond and i was wrong, so the four people directly contacted me. i had contact with them result of the fliering and outreach, and there are two more -- i am just having hard time getting in touch with back and forth with phone calls. of the four people three have been full time employed. however, they're not earning enough money to obtain housing in the city and county of san francisco. all of them are healthy in the majority of ways that we assess health, and all of them very much would like to get out of the vehicle and obtain clean safe affordable housing, so this is quite a challenge for our team as you might expect, and this is where the addition of stabilization units which are sro units paid by the department of public health enable us to hold somebody for a period of time, help them
Feb 2, 2013 11:30pm PST
events. check us out on aye been in san francisco 20 years. i'm homeless. i got a good cup of coffee. i got a number. today i'm 359. >> you try to do the right thing and make a point to do what you have to to be at one place. they have all the services at one building. i can spend 4 hours touching each table ask and getting the information i need to get back on my feet. they are providing the services under one roof. you don't have to go here or there or wait until next week. >> at the time we opened we have folks waiting outside to come in. >> good morning. >> what we are doing is trying to find out what they want and need and getting them to their services as fast as possible. >> i came to the eye glasses program. making a couple of phone calls to my family at home. >> some housing, i'm here for employment. may be see about -- i've never been to one of these. i have not been homeless before. >> the scareiest are the people who are recently homeless who look like me. look like they could be my friend or family member. a few wrong choices and bad luck got them here. >> i was lai
Feb 6, 2013 10:30am PST
community-based services for seniors. >> what are your ideas on dealing with the issue of homelessness? >> i think homelessness has been this structural problem, not just in our city but other metropolitan areas, and i think, at least at the short term level, we have made some progress ensuring there is cleaner and safer shelters so people have somewhat of a transition to transition from homelessness to a stable housing, but when we look at the numbers of affordable housing units that might allow people to get more on their feet or even work force development or educational opportunities to help a mother who is homeless, for example, to get on their feet, we need much more of that, and we cannot cut programs that will increase the roles of the homeless. i believe that the project homeless connect and some of the projects created by previous administrations are not enough. we need to look at transitional housing but also continuing the type of support to help people get back on their feet. the job training and other types of programs that the mayor's office of economic and workforce of all me
Feb 14, 2013 11:00am PST
that there is a chance as a result of this legislation that we will see more people who are homeless on the street as opposed to more people who are homeless or housed in their vehicles and from a population and health perspective i would consider that to be a negative outcome, but it is perhaps an una vaidable one and i think it returns the search for affordable housing. i am available for any questions. >> thank you. i think one of the things that is interesting as you talked about in terms of people actually responding. i think this is one of the things we talked about with bevin and for the most part it's a population generally difficult to reach out to and accept services and i think you spoke a little bit to that and i think the fact that we have folks that reached out and desire to see a change i think is positive. i will agree we're always going to be chasing after resources we need for folks who need it so i think that is something that we will have to continue to do and i think this will highlight the need that is part of that that we haven't seen in the past and i think that is some
Feb 20, 2013 5:00pm PST
decision. >> thank you. an effort to clean out a homeless encampment come and backfired on the city. more homeless people are camping and this area is visible along spring street and to the approach to the airport. david? >> most encampments are somewhat hidden, located behind brush but this is in plain sight created when one government agency decided to make it someone else's problem. one of the first things they can see is a sprawling tent city popping up here about a ma mo ago after caltrans rout rousted the homeless without telling the city. many homeless moved a half mile away. the state dumped the problem on to san jose. the home fles flocking here nouz nou because of the open space. >> it wasn't as many now, yeah. >> so the city is preparing to do stwhait did, shut it down and move the homeless out. >> the smair in a hard spot. the city has no resource to dweel this. >> the city will have to foot the bill for taking down the tents and other structures. the city wril to haul garbage accumulating and posing a health right after this skpkt city counting on social service agencies to f
Feb 17, 2013 6:00am EST
. >>> meanwhile, not far away from this new convention center hotel, the polite of homeless children in the city again, more than 600 homeless children and their families crammed into the d.c. general shelter. people are asking how can this be in the nation's capital? the economy is blooming, and new hols and construction, and -- >> out of sight, out of mind. >> out of sight, out of mind. >> this is one of the worst stories i have heard and read about and seen in a long time. it's a black eye and embarrassment to washington, d.c. for all the reasons you have said, and i wonder where the mayor was on this, and i wonder where the chairman of the committee that handles this was on this, and this matter needs to be addressed immediately. >> yeah, mitch snyder came in with the community, maybe over 30 years ago, and it was a big deal. they made a movie out of his polite here and his quest and he testified before congress. i have not covered a hearing on homelessness in as long as i can can remember. >> the whole thing of image here plays an important part. we are so busy with development, condominium
Feb 17, 2013 6:00pm PST
, yeah. i have personal experience being homeless, and this was before cell phones and one could spend an entire day trying to get one phone call through to somebody finding the change, finding a phone that worked, finding time, and finally getting through to the person that you need to speak to, so cell phones, yes. it's great to get these tools into people's hands for so many reasons, not just housing, for other forms of support and other things that are human rights. and then finally i wanted just -- i didn't get this impression from you but there seems to be an impression in the community that people are use drugs and alcohol are inherently incapable of being responsible people and i want to make sure you are dispelling that in some ways when you put together these programs and not all people that drink do it to excess and they can still manage lives quite well. i know that there's an organization in the city called the drug users union which is trying to communicate and educate the public that not people that use drugs are bad and drugs are not all bad and drinking alcohol and th
Feb 23, 2013 11:00pm EST
are hoping for spring to make an arrival. none more than the homeless population. they get some much needed help. plus, home heating prices may be up, but gas is on its way down. >> a night of thanks and baltimore as catholics convened at cathedral of mary our queen. it is an opportunity for fall is to give prayers' for pope benedictus xvi. >> it is a very momentous. it is an historic occasion. it has not happened since 1415. it is an act of great humility to step aside in view of the great needs of the church. >> pope benedictus xvi will step down thursday, february 28. his replacement is expected to be elected before easter. on central avenue tonight, and on maryland avenue, there was a giveaway, and give a way of life's basics. >> it is not a holiday, just another cold night on baltimore's streets. the salvation army is living up to its name with their soldiers offering just that -- salvation. >> appreciate it. i am hungry. >> and relocations, the salvation army's feed more provided a hot meal. volunteers distributed blankets and clothes. >> it gives you a warm feeling to do things like
Feb 17, 2013 3:30pm PST
homeless problem. there's a lot of people on the waiting list, if they aren't living in affordable housing they are doubling or tripling up or sadly living on the street or in shelters. >> and the misconception is that it's middle aged older men who are those that are homeless but it just breaks your heart when i see children inside of a car and that's their living quarters. i mean, the homeless families, you know, we can't forget about them. there's a big number of them out there. >> with the downturn in the economy, there's really a significant number, increasing the number of homeless families. it's been a huge problem in the bay area and throughout california and the country this year. >> you're continuing to build. >> we are continuing to build. the loss of redevelopment agencies is going to have a significant impact on the capacity of all of us in california who build affordable housing and building new housing. >> some municipalities, morgan hill, if a developer goes into a community, a certain percentage has to be affordable housing. some areas do that. >> that's an ordinance calle
Feb 24, 2013 3:30pm PST
teeth were ravaged and he felt he didn't have a red letter "h" for homeless and he wanted people to see a different person and working through project connect he worked to get dentures which will change his life. the response to wolf -- as you know it was controversial. people called it pubbies for pand handlers and we know they do that because they don't have income and can't make it through the month so i see this as a valid alternative for people but we were opposed for the people of the ethical treatment of animals and they offered the city money to not give the program because they said we were giving dogs to mentally ill people and people that see themselves wanting to save animals live would rather see it killed instead of placed in homelessness to overcome their behavioral issues so right now we are seeking a foundation to help us with this and it's been challenging but we believe this year we will start it and so many people approached us and want to participate in the program. next i want to talk about wet housing and i am an advocate and if you google 1811 eastlake in seat
Feb 24, 2013 11:00pm PST
? how many homeless people in your districts do you know? how many homeless veterans in our district. i wish you have good time to figure out if you figure out and you give us that amount of count of the amount of people in your district i can ask the government to give you more money to build housing. supervisor kim i'm very proud you asked for the community to have more housing. we need to walk up all of you. how many people have lost their arm and legs in war and have no housing yet? god bless >> don't give money to the frenzy of the library and the abuse of money in our community is so flag grant is to outrageous. the for years the friends of the library advertised and solicit money that it would raise money for lights and other things had or that are need in the library. how do we arrive at the finger of $5 million that the library admits is undocumented. it claims $5.2 million is a gift. for the rest we have documents from the house of public works. and we have seven hundred and 65 millions are for self-check out systems. overall the friends of the library raised over $40 million
Feb 26, 2013 10:30pm PST
are disenfranchised, for the people who are homeless. we cannot turn our back on the homeless here. so, i just charge you with caring about everyone. yes, this is black history month, but this is people's month. this is people's month. and i just so thank you for this honor and i accept it on behalf of all the educators here in san francisco that work tirelessly with the children here. thank you so much, john. (applause) >> [speaker not understood], my granddaughter is going to ecuador. [speaker not understood]. >>> that's your daughter? >> my granddaughter. >> okay, congratulations to all of our award recipients and recognees. thank you for your tireless work. (applause) >> colleagues, we are going to take a 15-minute break, recess, so that we can join other festivities that are going on as we close out black history month. i also want to acknowledge and welcome the public to join us downstairs in the north light court. we will resume in 15 minutes. >> at 5:40. >> good afternoon. welcome back to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of tuesday, february the 26th, 2013. madam clerk, could we
Feb 15, 2013 2:00pm PST
the entire community over and invite the coalition of homelessness and realize they have value. i talk about the coalition a lot because we have been polarized and you need your critics close to you and they have a voice. our shelter beds are pretty much full. if you take on to that area and is difficult because muni doesn't run out there and we have 234 stabilization beds that are sro and stabilization beds as you know are an important tool for long-term street dwellers and they don't want to go into the shelter so you need a stabilization room so we have 234. we don't have more than five at a given time so barbara garcia from the health department, trent from human services, myself and engaged with the mayor's budget office and i can't respond to the reelection. i can't change what is going on division or any of the neighborhoods unless i have a tool of stabilization beds and one of the challenges is people are not as successful as they are being in that housing that's the population that should be able to move up and until we make more units available we don't have a exit strategy for
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 927 (some duplicates have been removed)